Monday, July 25, 2011

New Friends, Fun Times

After our Daytona trip, I didn't see much of Gary for two weeks or more. He had lots of other projects going on, and I was no longer the top priority. I knew we were going camping again soon, so I wasn't upset. Gary had joined the National Serro Scotty Organization long before he bought me. Nancy, who had created the N.S.S.O., was planning a trip to our hometown for a campout at Anastasia State Park just before New Year's. That's Nancy with me in the 3rd. photo. The park was booked solid, but there was a cancellation, and Gary got us a campsite. WOO-HOO, our second outing in a month. This was going to be FUN!!! Nancy and her dogs Mabel and Maddy arrived at the Green Acres Garage on December 29th. She was towing her ultra-rare rear door Scotty named "Rudy". I had never seen a rear door Scotty before. Very cool and very tiny. Other Scottys were going to be at the campout too, so this would be like a Scotty family reunion for me. It was a short ride to the campground. Nancy followed Gary and I there. We found our spot and got set up for our 3-night stay. I had lots of visitors, and people had nice things to say about me. Gary spent lots of time socializing with the other Scotty owners. I enjoyed the quiet of the campground and the distant sound of the waves rolling in on the beach. Anastasia was much prettier than Tomoka. The nip of the winter air felt good on my skin, and was a welcome change from the intense summer heat I had endured in the garage. I was having such a GREAT time, and I wondered what 2010 would bring. More big changes? Time would tell.

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