Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shining Through

It seemed as though Gary was feeling a bit of pressure to get me done in time for our campout in Ohio. He was working on me for a longer amount of time each day. In addition to stripping me down to bare metal, there were improvements to be made to my interior, things that would make me more "camping friendly". Also, I knew that Gary wanted to do some extensive work on the van that would be towing me on the trip. I know nothing about cars, so I wasn't sure how long any of that would take. As I stated before, I really liked it when Gary would spend time with me, and he was doing a LOT of that. As you can see in these latest pics, I was getting to be a shiny little guy. No more "ugly-duckling" remarks would be made about ME! You've heard the expression "dress for success"? In my case, it was "undress for success". The more naked I got, the better I looked. There was talk of what color my wheels, tongue, and rear bumper would be. Gary wanted something that would "pop" against my new shiny skin, but he hadn't decided exactly what yet. I could see a pile of parts being stacked up for my interior improvements too. Neither Gary or I knew for sure if there would be time to do everything he had planned, but I knew he would do his best to make it happen. Interior improvements would be the last to be done though. Right now, the focus was still on the seemingly endless chore of "exfoliating" my skin.

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