Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little By Little, Bit By Bit

Gary took time to do other things as he often does, leaving me to bask in the lingering smell of chemicals. I was buzzed for days! It's the price I had to pay to be a handsome little Serro Scotty again. The end of June was upon us. Gary announced to me that he had booked a campsite for us for 4 OHIO!!! The trip he planned was for mid-October, so he would have plenty of time to complete my makeover, at least I hoped so. He had made good progress so far, but there were lots of mountains yet to climb. I was excited (of course) about camping, especially so far away, but I was scared that I wouldn't be finished in time and the trip would be cancelled. Anyway, during the days that Gary worked on me, a LOT of my old roof coatings were removed. Not much of that black gunk was left, and there were a few small areas where bare skin was beginning to show. That work platform that Gary built was the BOMB! There's no way he could have been so far along without it. Even some of my rear skin was beginning to be stripped. All I could think of was "hurry up, I wanna go CAMPING!!" Am I impatient, or what?

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