Monday, July 11, 2011

Brand New Blog, July 11th, 2011

Hi Everyone,

   I am new to this blogging stuff, so let me get started by introducing myself. My name is "Toaster", and I am a 15ft. Serro Scotty vintage travel trailer. I was born in Ashburn, GA. in 1972.  Originally, I was painted in the famous aqua over white paint scheme, but my owner (his name is Gary) stripped me down to my bare aluminum. I'll have to admit, I look much better this way. My original colors were very appealing, but my previous owners had abused me and painted me with every kind of paint imaginable. I was no longer appealing, just peeling. Gary saw an ad for me on Craigslist, and saved me from my former life (if you could call what I was going through a life). He bought me on June 8th, 2009. Gary says my profile shape reminded him of a toaster that his parents had when he was a kid, so that's how I got the name "Toaster".  I'll try to write a new blog entry every day or two until I get caught up to the present time. I've been through a lot, and if you'll be kind enough to indulge me, I'll tell you about my life since I've been owned by Gary. I try not to think about my earlier years since those were NOT happy times. So, check back often and you'll know as much about me as I know about myself. Thanks for your interest in my story.

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