Monday, July 18, 2011

Who's This Guy?

Gary disappeared for the better part of a day, then comes home with another Scotty. I was wondering what was going on. Why was he towing around somebody else instead of me? I knew there had to be a good reason, and I soon found out there was. Gary had put the word out to other Scotty owners and posted on the N.S.S.O. website that he was looking for windows for me. A month or more went by, and there were no responses. He found "Chip" listed on eBay, and went to Georgia to get him. I needed a new rear window, the one that the previous owner had hacked up to install an air conditioner. And I needed a new right side window to replace the one that had gotten beaten out with a baseball bat. I had nightmares for a LONG time over that one. Anyway, this sad little Scotty that Gary drug home was to use for parts for me. He was in far worse shape than I was ever in, but his windows were EXCELLENT! There were more than I needed, so now I have extras just in case. Chip knew that he was terminally ill, so it was very generous of him to donate his parts to me. I didn't like him when he first arrived, but he was here to help me. I'm sorry I misjudged him so quickly. I never would have been completed in time for Daytona without him. Gary got to work the next day taking Chip completely apart. There are reminders of him all over the garage. I think of him fondly now when I see his bare frame sitting right outside the garage. Thanks for the windows, Chip. I love you, man!

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