Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Touch Of Black

The day began with an inspection of my newly painted dinette area. Gary had worked late into the previous night making sure things would be ready for today's activities. The paint looked good, so up next was the installation of my bunk bed base, the first black piece of many to come. Gary ran the wiring from the breaker box located under my left dinette bench, through holes in the base that he had pre-drilled. At a junction box located at the rear of the base, he connected the wiring that ran under my gaucho bed and up to my kitchen base cabinet. I had seen Gary do carpentry work and painting, but I didn't know he could do electrical work as well. What a guy! Once the wiring was hooked up and tested, Gary began bringing in the pieces of the bunk bed and assembling it. Since everything had already been assembled before, it went together quickly, All of this went very smoothly, and I was hoping to get my kitchen cabinets installed today as well. But Gary looked tired, and I wasn't going to ask. Maybe tomorrow.

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